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Acadia Park & Bar Harbor on MDI

Some Rainy-Day Activities

Acadia is beautiful in all of its moods. Whether in sunshine or rain, storms or fog, warmth or chill, snow or frost

Unfortunately, the one thing we cannot control is the weather. However, since my husband has been coming up to the Island from his third birthday in 1957, and we have both been coming up to the Island since our honeymoon in 1975 (and as often as we could each year prior to our permanent move here in March 1993), we have learned that Acadia is beautiful in all of its moods. Whether in sunshine or rain, storms or fog, warmth or chill, snow or frost, there is a special magic and mystery that is unique to Acadia. So, whatever the weather, relax, enjoy and soak in the healing splendor and glory that surrounds this ancient, enduring, variegated beauty that is wonderfully concentrated in and around Mount Desert Island.

Hiking?: Yes, indeed! Bundle up, gear up, and walk the shore path on the Park Loop where you will experience the raw, powerful beauty of the ocean in its furious display. Start at Sand Beach, then venture to Thunder Hole, which will live up to its name the nastier the weather. It is at its best during a mid, incoming tide (check the tide charts for Bar Harbor online). Next, make your way to Otter Cliffs, then back again. However, remember, rocks get very slippery. Obey warnings, since several people who have ignored them have done so to their peril! When it is a light rain, experience the flatter woodsier walks, or stroll any of the 51 miles of carriage paths.

Save the normal rocky hikes for dry days. If you don't want to walk it, drive the Park Loop. The wilder the weather, the more abundant the spectacle! Finish your adventure by driving up to the top of Cadillac Mountain, dare to get out of your car and experience the power of gale force winds in your face, as you picture nature's feisty glory displayed all around you. For a closer treat on our side of the Island, the quiet side, don't forget to visit Seawall, which can be spectacular in nasty weather. When it is not so nasty, but wet and a bit rainy, you can also do the hikes at Ship Harbor or Wonderland, which are flat and easier to navigate than most other hikes, and more importantly, safer in wet weather.

Don't forget that part of Acadia National Park is on the mainland in Winter Harbor at Schoodic Point. It is totally open to the ocean, so it is another great place to see the raw, tumultuous beauty of the rocky Maine coast in furious weather. You might want to consider stopping by Chase's Restaurant in Winter Harbor for your "once-a-year" treat of fried seafood. They truly have one of the best fried scallop sandwiches you will find, having more scallops on it than most restaurants provide on their entrées! Their fried clams are also to "die" for.

Visit the Oceanarium! Rainy days are a great time for getting to know about the creatures great and small, who are ocean living and some who are also "vacationing" (lobsters!) in the abundant waters surrounding Acadia.

Acadia National Park Visitor's Center in Hulls Cove ( on a rainy day is a great time to relax and take in more of the history, and geology, that has created its ancient and present glory, as well as learn more about the sites with which our Island has to enthrall you.

Visit Mount Desert Island’s micro-breweries: In fact, hope it rains all afternoon! so that you can do tours and tastings at both Atlantic Brewing in Town Hill and Bar Harbor Brewing in downtown Bar Harbor. And bring the kids because the tastings include blueberry soda.

Window shopping and snacking in Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor or Northeast Harbor

Window shopping and snacking in Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor or Northeast Harbor: Indulge in a summer vacation tradition and enjoy some buttercrunch, chocolates, or special butter cream fudge at Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium on Main Street in Bar Harbor. Go Antiquing and Shopping in Southwest Harbor and Bernard:

There are many interesting shops on the "Quietside" of the Island, where you can also eat at Thurston's in Bernard and practically be sitting right over Bass Harbor. Blue Hill is also terrific if you're willing to drive a bit longer. Shopping in Northeast Harbor includes The Kimball Shop in Northeast Harbor. Browse among Swan’s Island blankets, hand-painted floor cloths, monogrammed barware, brass doorbells, and Simon Pearce pitchers. Catch up on all of those baby gifts you owe: At Hatched on MDI in Southwest Harbor, you can find many soft and sweet things. They have adorable navy and white striped sweaters decorated with red lobsters.

At the Apartment, try your hand at making a blueberry pie with the Island's fresh blueberries. If that’s too intimidating, try a cobbler.

Learn more about Maine's Native American heritage at the Abbe Museum: There are innovative exhibits and craft workshops for adults and children.

Check out the matinee schedule of the Acadia Repertory Theatre: In the charming village of Somesville there’s a children’s theatre program in the morning every Wednesday and Saturday during the summer, plus some matinee performances.

Visit Southwest Harbor Public Library, a 125-year-old institution that's a hopping place, with storytimes, games, knitting sessions, seminars, and a fireplace that warms the soul on a raw, rainy day.

Check what's playing at Reel Pizza Cinerama: It's a wonderfully quirky place. Open floor space. Old sofas and chairs to sit on. You can order a pizza and when it is ready, your number lights up on a bingo board. Grab a tray table and you’re in business. And they generally have first run movies, family oriented films and the such. Also check out what's playing at the Criterion Theater. It has been beautifully restored to its Art Deco original self and is gorgeous. Often it has beer and wine available as well in the balcony area.



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TreeTop Retreat at Christmas

TreeTop Retreat at Christmas in Acadia and Bar Harbor Maine

We all value the quietude for which you are looking, and which Acadia imparts to those who make their pilgrimage to visit or live here. From the moment you make the turn off of Freeman Ridge Road onto Ridge Acres Lane, you will be enticed by a glimpse of the allure of the sea that surrounds our Island, as you gaze upon the masts of a sailboat or two moored in Somes Sound's Valley Cove off in the distance.

Without a doubt, you will know that you are going to experience a marvelous adventure, whether a quiet one of healing as you drive around the Park Loop, or sit as you soak in its majestically abundant panoramas, or thrill to boating upon the ocean or lakes, or explore its many miles of trails and carriage paths. No matter where you end up staying, welcome to the powerful, ancient charm and attraction of Acadia.




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