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Treetop Retreat House Manual

HomeAway: For the Apartment:

For the Suite:

Safety Concerns

  • 911 for Emergency Medical, Fire, or Police

  • First Aid Kit above the Refrigerator

  • Fire Extinguisher in the corner of kitchen countertop

  • MDI Hospital: (207) 288-5081

  • Main Propane Shut-off is at the main tank under the deck

  • There is a second emergency exit through the garage

Expected House Decorum

  • No Smoking Reminder: We thank you for not smoking anywhere in the apartment, including the deck off the bedroom, otherwise, the security deposit will be forfeited.

  • Bedroom Reminder: Thank you for not eating in the bedroom. No cookies in bed!

  • Kitchen Reminders:

    • Please do not put grease down the sink. There is a can beside the stove for grease, or use paper towels and deposit in the trash

    • Formica Counters: Please, use cutting boards and hot pads supplied in order to protect them.

  • Accidents will happen!
    • So,if something gets broken, let us know so that we can replace or repair it for the next guests.

    • We’d greatly appreciate your cleaning up any spills or accidents immediately

    Bathroom Reminders:

    • Please, only use the toilet paper provided to be flushed—no other paper goods, Kleenex, wipes, or feminine products. We are on a septic system.

    • Only run the Jacuzzi tub after water is covering the inlets and outlets.

    • Text or call if you would like more towels.

    • Beach towels are provided on the lower shelf of the towel case for outdoor use instead of using the bathroom towels.

    Car Reminders:

    • Please, drive slowly (15 mph) up and down Ridge Acres Lane. The neighbors are sensitive to this issue.

    • Your parking spot is directly in front of the right garage door for the Apartment, and in front of the house for the Suite. For clarification, take a look at the parking and entry photos for each.


    • Apartment: Press the on/off button and set the desired temperature. However, it is recommended that as soon as it gets to the desired temperature that you shut it off, since the thermostat is not very sensitive and it will rather hot and stuffy.

    • Suite: the thermostat is above the bed.


    Located on a private wooded road, one mile from Long Pond in Acadia National Park, and only two miles from the center of Southwest Harbor with its restaurants and shops

    Wi-Fi & TV

    • Wi-Fi: Treetop_5Ghz; PW: quietside

    • Apple TV (instructions on the card provided)


    Trash & Recycle

    • Bag and tie trash, and leave it in the outside trash can located beside the garage entry door that you pass by on your way to or from your apartment.

    • Place bottles and cans in the blue recycle bin in the right base cabinet.

    Hot Water for the Apartment

    • It is an “on demand” propane heater, so it takes several seconds before you feel the hot water. The benefit is that it is virtually limitless.


    • Make sure all jets are under water before attempting to start.

    • Its switch is the little round button on the right hand of the tub facing you. Push down and release to turn on. Push down and release to turn off.

    Where to Eat

    • See our family’s restaurant favorites on the sheet in the information rack.





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